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E-commerce SEO - search engine optimization - is the process of making your website ( and inner pages ) visible to search engines and prominent on SERPs ( search engine results pages ).

Our Ecommerce SEO Experts in Everett have the following data for you : 

Over 40% of Online Shoppers start out with a Google Search. 

Data also says that over 35% of Traffic on Ecommerce Websites is coming 

Ecommerce SEO for Small Business

Ecommerce SEO is a necessity for most websites - especially small business websites.

Ecommerce SEO is a necessity for most websites - especially small business websites. 
Our Ecommerce SEO Expert in Everett suggests that Focussing on Search Engine Optimization to generate Organic Traffic to your Ecommerce Website and drive sales, helps you reduce your reliance on other Marketing Channels like Paid Traffic from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This helps reduce your overall marketing expense and thus improves your ROI. 

There are many small businesses who can survive and thrive only based on the organic Traffic in their niche. 
Of course, in a more competitive niche it's essential to have a mix of traffic types. 


How does e-commerce SEO work?


At Build Web IT, Our Ecommerce SEO Expert in Everett will tune up your website to the latest Search Engine Standards that can help you generate a massive amount of Ecommerce Organic Traffic. 

Some of the things that our Ecommerce SEO Expert will help you fix : 

Ecommerce Website Optimization 
A process of optimizing the Technical Set up of your Ecommerce WEbsite. 
Please see this link for details. 

Many Small Business Ecommerce websites do not focus on quality content in their niche. 
Having ranking content can drive Organic Traffic resulting in more Ecommerce Sales. 

Product Descriptions 
This is surprisingly the achilles heel of most Small Business Ecommerce Websites. 
Each product page should be optimized with information needed to improve on sales conversion for that product.  

User Experience 
Boosting the overall User Experience and the payment flow will boost Sales on your website. 

Link Building 
This of course is the core of almost any Search Engine Optimization campaign, and it applies to eCommerce Websites as well. 

Our Ecommerce SEO Expert will help you Improve your Ecommerce Website and Generate Sales.

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